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In Memory Of Victor H. DeAngelis

5th April 1932 – 22nd January 2010

This memorial website was created in the memory of Victor (Woody) H. DeAngelis, born in Barrington Rhode Island on the 5th April 1932 and passed away on the 22nd January 2010, 77 years of age.
Full Name: Victor H. DeAngelis
Born: 5th April 1932
Passed Away: 22nd January 2010
Age: 77 years of age
Location: Barrington, Rhode Island
Country: The United States
Spouse: AnnaLea DeAngelis
Father: Joseph
Mother: Angelina
Birth Place: Barrington Rhode Island
Children: Stephen and Valerie
Siblings: Armando, Romeo, Mario, Joseph, Salvatore, Ralph, Mary, Rocco, Alfred
Occupation: Electrician

Created by Valerie on 10 Feb 2010 & upgraded by Valeri
In Memory Of Victor (Woody) H. DeAngelis
Survived By: Wife AnnaLea, Children Stephen and Valerie, Brothers, Joseph, Salvator, Ralph, Alfred and sister Mary

This memorial website was created in the memory of my beloved father Victor DeAngelis who was born in Barrington Rhode Island on 5th April 1932 and passed away on 22nd January 2010, 77 years of age.  I miss you Daddy.

"To her the name of father was another name for love."
~~By Fanny Fern.~~

My Dad was a man that had Roots. Deep, Deep roots – He was Proud of his Family and his Italian Heritage. Born to Catholic parents, Joseph and Angelina instilled in him strong Christian values that transcended beyond the walls of the church and family values that guided his life with service and generosity.  Dad kept God’s commandments in his heart especially Honor your Mother and your Father. After my Grandfather’s stroke, he took him home every Sunday and went twice a week to the nursing home to see him. For almost every morning for about the last 50 years Dad had coffee with his Sister, Aunty Mary - which was in the house where he grew up.  They shared many mornings over coffee and sometimes many evenings over a half gallon of ice cream satisfying their sweet tooth.  He loved working with Uncle Rocky, Uncle Freddy and his nephew Michael.  He took tremendous pride in his work.  He loved going to work every day and the busier he was the better he liked it.    His favorite Sunday afternoon pastime was to clean out his truck and rearrange his tools and supplies, and nuts and bolts all in coffee cans that rattled the truck while he was driving. 


Dad believed in the goodness of people.  Dad’s Christian Service began as an altar boy and continued as an adult.  He gave a hundred fold over to the church through his service.  For close to 40 years he was the electrician for the Holy Angels church festival. 

He set up the lights, ran the Ferris wheel, made sure the electricity was available to all the booths and the bingo game.  He set up the festival lights after he had worked a full day’s work and enjoyed watching everyone have a good time.  He was always the last to leave.

He did the electrical work at St Luke’s School.  Father Jenkinson would call and Dad would be there.  For all his service he donated his labor to the Churches.  Listening to what his father told him:  You don’t take money from God.” and Dad had such respect for his father that he never did and Grandpa Joe would always ask Dad twice if he did what he told him.


Dad was a man of faith, a strong faith in God, Church and his fellow man.    Dad was always willing to help people.  He could be counted on to help anyone any place any time, whether it be to fix a stove on Christmas Day or changing the light of a friend, he was always there when you needed him no matter the time of day, weather, or what he was doing he’d drop it to help you out.  He was a Man you could trust – and you all did. He was a man of his word – he did what he said he would and you all know that. 



Dad embraced his life and those around him.  He showed us that life isn’t made up of things, but of people and relationships.  In a world where we race around to get things, Dad knew how to keep his priorities right…his family, his friends and, well, you didn’t need much else.  Dad gave always 100 percent never anything less.  People not things were important and he cherished those he loved.  He worked a fulltime job and built our house at night, with the help of family and friends.  He took great pride in this house and never wanted to part with it, it was part of him and it was alive because of him.  He was a good friend and one day when he retired, he hoped to help those less fortunate than him. 


He knew how to dream and strived to make them reality….learning to speak Italian so that when he one day went to Italy he’d know what to say.

He was the President of his class in 1951 and loved planning the high school reunions and seeing all his old classmates.  He was also Captain of his high school football team.

Dad was happy always whistling or singing a song, of course he didn’t know the words, but he’d hum.  He was the happiest man because he enjoyed what he did but always wanted better for his kids and grandkids.


I think People loved my Dad for several reasons:


He was a Simple Man – What you saw was what you got – no big frills, nothing to hide,


I may add - Some of you may have realized he was slightly hard of hearing – but you enjoyed the challenge of communication!


Besides his Wife, Son, Daughter in Law, Grandkids, Daughter and Son in Law, his Family and Friends he loved Pasta (His favorite phrase was “Put the Water On”!).  He had wonderful rosey cheeks from all the pasta he ate-- a couple days without sauce and he’d grow pale.  He bragged about his wife’s cooking and said the best restaurant was 11 Whipple Avenue. And couldn’t understand why we ever had to go out to dinner.  Before dinner he enjoyed his glass of beer, in a little glass, he said it lasted longer that way.  After a big meal, at the holidays, it was a shot of Sambucca. 


Some of the other things he loved—Sunday night dinners with his whole family.  Cheese-lots-on his macaroni, the kind of cheese you could smell far off.  Italian bread from Balascos, chocolate and coffee – Dark with lots of sugar….no latte or flavored coffee for Dad… and never, ever to travel. Coffee was meant to drink where you bought it or take it back to the job but never, ever should you drink coffee while driving – To Dad you needed to enjoy your break or the company you were with – usually discussing shop, the day’s work, or if he really had a captive audience his Daughter, or Grandkids activities…You couldn’t do that while driving!


He loved New Hampshire, model train sets, The NY Giants, NE Patriots, and The New York Yankees! I think though one of his little secrets was that when the Sox finally Won in 2004 he was quietly extremely happy for His Daughter in Law – Suzanne and Her Father Jack – because as long suffering Red Sox fans they now had experienced a joy that he had known so many times, yet one that had escaped them for so long – A Championship – He could now share that feeling with them.


I find it ironic that Dad - the Man who was so hard of hearing always heard what we were saying when we needed him. He was always there, he always would help, he never would say no to Family or Friends.


At the Hospital they gave us all of his possessions to take home. They had placed his hearing aid in a jar and that night my brother could hear it whistling and had to remove the battery.  My brother said Dad was trying to tell us he’s still listening, telling us that he is still there for us all, and to remember Family and Friends.


My Father lived a rich and full life.  Dad will be missed by all of us every day of our lives but he’s left a lifetime of memories full of laughter and love for us to treasure as he keeps watch over us.  So I ask that when you remember my Dad, remember him with a smile, because that is how he would have wanted you to.


My Family and I thank everyone for their love and generous support and for sharing today in this celebration of My Father’s life. Your being here means more than we can say as we get through this difficult time.


I ask you all to proceed with us outside for the Ceremony rendering Military Honors to my Father and then to join us in the basement of the Church for a luncheon.  


Thank you all and May God Bless you!


Poetry In Memory of Victor DeAngelis

Condolence Guest Book

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 25 Feb 2011 – Val from Florida
I dreamed of you last night. You had a beautiful navy jacket all trimmed in gold braid you eyes shined bright. You were smiling and laughing the way you always did. You looked happy, radiant, at peace. I miss you everyday.

 7 Apr 2010 – danshedd from Barrington
      email author
Never a better man set foot on this planet then Victor DeAngelis - at least I haven't meet him. Victor's glass was always half full to overflowing no matter what the challenges were that lay ahead. Generous to a fault he was always available, unless the grandchildren had a game or event coming up. He was the poster child for so many qualities: for reliability, dependability, for patience, for love of life, for seeing the good and understanding the bad, for generous spirit and for loyalty to fa...» read more

 15 Feb 2010 – Val
Happy Valentine's Day Dad, wasn't the same without your card. Isn't the same without your laughter. Loving you everyday and missing you forever. I only know that the Blessed Mother and Jesus himself carried you to heaven.

 14 Feb 2010 – Linda from Rhode Island
      email author
Victor was a great friend to my father, and just a sincerely wonderful man. He was kind to everyone and always willing to help anyone in need. I still can't believe he is gone.

 11 Feb 2010 – Pete Peterson from Fort Walton Beach, Florida
      email author
What a pleasure to have met you and spent time listening to the stories!

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23 Jan 2013
Me placed this flower & wrote: Still missing you, still here your laugh and I even limp like you too. Love always
7 Apr 2011
Me placed this flower & wrote: Happy Belated Birthday
3 Apr 2011
Me placed this flower & wrote: Dad, I hope that God let you come and carry Stephen to heaven, did you know how much we needed him
20 Jan 2011
Val placed this flower & wrote: I miss you everyday and can't believe a year has gone by.
10 Jul 2010
Val placed this flower & wrote: today and everyday I miss you
1 May 2010
Val placed this flower & wrote: Miss you Daddy today and always
14 Feb 2010
Linda placed this flower & wrote: A wonderful father and friend
14 Feb 2010
Suzanne placed this flower & wrote: blessed & enriched is my life because of you
14 Feb 2010
John placed this flower & wrote: Rest in God's Peace
12 Feb 2010
Bill placed this flower
11 Feb 2010
Sondra placed this flower & wrote: uncle victor...you will remain forever in my heart
11 Feb 2010
Val placed this flower

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Life Timeline

1932  Born Apr 5  Barrington Rhode Island 
1956 Married to AnnaLea Silverman
1957 A son is born
1960 A daughter is born
2010  Passed away Jan 22  Barrington Rhode Island 



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