In Memory Of
1981 - 2007
Born22nd July 1981
Passed Away26th March 2007
25 Years


signed byDavid Irwin - an old friend
To shine brightly - ever so brief To steal our hearts - to light our lives Even for a while. Our hearts take oaths that the path you walked Though we are tempted to despair Shall be our inspiration. To reflect our Lord You must have sat so close For you shone so gloriously bright.
17 Oct 2007

THERE'S YOU - Row 12 - Standing Room Only

signed byDavid (The Legend) Hamill and Nathan Iles
You never let me go - you never ever let me go You heal up my wounds 'til they go away from me You start a new page, start a new page in the book 'Cos you never let me go You never ever let me go. There's You, here's me There's You, you hold me. You're there until the end - until the very very end of time You gave it all away for little me - for little poor old me You laid it all aside so that I could be free And when I turn my back You're still waiting for me There's You, here's me There's You, you hold me.
12 Oct 2007
Jeremy Elston
21 Apr 2020

Thank you for sharing David's story and setting up this site, Ann. It was very moving. As you shared, I kept thinking, "The way you describe David's faith and passion for Jesus sounds so familiar, so at home." Then I read that he's a fellow Vineyardite! (I go to the Evanston Vineyard in Chicago, IL.) Andy Smith interned at our church. I'm looking forward to meeting David one day, who is just a year older than I am. This site helped me more than you know. With brotherly love. - Jeremy

Victoria Green
05 Aug 2019

Such a beautiful tribute to your beautiful son Ann. I woke up this morning from a dream where I was in a car park with old school friends and a group were seated around David listening to him talk about how happy he was in life. I woke up and in my sleepy state I thought oh that was strange why did I dream that and I wondered about David. Then as I woke properly I remembered he was no longer with us. A google search brought me here. So many lovely memories and memorial texts shared touched my heart. I lost my daughter last year just a few hours after her birth and many of the entries on the memorial wall have brought me comfort this morning. Thank you for sharing David's story and your love in this space.