In Memory Of
Martin John Weiss
1938 - 2020
Full NameMartin John Weiss
Born21st May 1938
Passed Away5th April 2020
81 Years

Dad, Chuck, and Gary

signed byMatt Weiss
Marty, Chuck Nuechterlein, and I attended U. of M. together on Navy ROTC scholarships, so we were close friends. The two of us pledged the same fraternity (Sigma Alpha Epsilon). Marty was also a member of SAE. The three of us were very close friends through college. During our senior year, the three of us lived together in an apartment close to the fraternity house. During those years we would hold full membership meeting several evenings during the year. They were always held in the SAE dining room. We would discuss various issues that affected us all. When we contributed to the discussion, we were required to stand. Because Marty contributed a good deal, he stood often. When he did, it was tradition for the rest of the SAE brothers to holler, “Stand up, Marty.” He was somewhat shorter than most of us. He took it without being offended. During our fraternity years, each year we would have a weekend for each of parents to spend their nights in our fraternity bedroom (entire floor in the top of the house). Marty would invite his father who, like many from Frankenmuth, spoke very little English. It always amazed me, because Frankenmuth was founded by German families back in the mid-1800s. My family used to visit the two former hotels there which stood across from each other. They specialized in serving large portions of chicken dinners. One was owned by Chuck’s family and the other by Judy’s family, who in the early 1960s as I recall, bought out the Fisher family. I lost track of Marty for a few years, but he re-contacted me about 15 years ago. He would call me about once a quarter back then. I always held Marty in high esteem. I was troubled when his mental facilities began to falter a few years back. He will forever remain a good friend in my mind. Best, Gary Slaughter
24 Apr 2020

Remembering Dad part II

signed byMatt Weiss
For several years following, no one from the family heard from him and we all wondered whether we’d ever see him again. In 2001, during the time of Martin’s long absence, his 3rd grandchild Kenneth Othello Wolfgang Sebastian Weiss Russell was born, this time to Martin’s daughter Martha and her partner Ken Sr. with whom she parted company soon after Kenny’s birth. Then one day in 2004 Matt got a call from the psychiatric ward at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle saying that his father Martin Weiss had been admitted and was asking for him to visit. Matt later learned that Martin had moved back to Seattle 3 years earlier and had been living in a half-way house but chose not to contact any family or friends. Having been discharged from Harborview and spending a few months recovering at a nursing facility in south Seattle, Martin insisted on moving to Shelton, Washington where he lived in a low income apartment building and enjoyed hob knobbing around town. He loved going on long walks throughout his life, especially early in the morning and continued this tradition in Shelton. Finally, when walking became more difficult for him, he agreed to stay at Cypress Gardens assisted living facility in Bremerton after several stays at Harborview and also Harrison Hospital in Kitsap County. Matt and Martha visited him monthly during his time at Cypress Gardens. Some years later, Cypress Gardens determined that Martin required more care than they were able to give so he transferred to an adult family home conveniently located only a few minutes’ drive from Matt’s new house in Lynnwood which he owned with his second wife Beverly. Matt visited Martin weekly at the group home and occasionally his daughter Martha and her son Kenny would also come along. Martin was now confined to a wheelchair, but he and Matt still enjoyed wheeling around the neighborhood and over to the nearby Meadowdale High School during their visits. Tragically, Martha died of an acute asthma attack on October 8, 2012 at the age of 44 after being in a coma at Harborview for about a week. Eventually, the group home in Lynnwood determined that they could no longer care for Martin so he transferred to Park Ridge Nursing facility in Shoreline where he lived out the rest of his years. Matt continued to visit him at Park Ridge every week. Beverly and Kenny also came along occasionally, especially on holidays. Sadly, at the age of 81 Martin fell victim to the COVID virus and died on Sunday, April 5th 2020 after being admitted to UW Medical Center the previous day. Martin’s creative spirit, now set free, continues to live on in his poetry, little vignettes, and fond memories cherished by family and friends…
14 Apr 2020

Susan Schluckbier Auerbach

05 May 2020

Cindy Finifrock

17 Apr 2020

David finifrock jr.

15 Apr 2020